Sep 21, 2012

cranky practice is good practice

Last day of summer, 6 a.m., cold & dark. Hat, gloves, & scarf, and still I was chilly on my bike ride to the studio. Led primary. Flopped around like a grumpy seal on my mat. Took shavasana under a blanket. Again with the hat, gloves, & scarf. Again with the bike.

Earlier, when the alarm went off at 5:20, I stayed in bed a solid ten minutes thinking, maybe not today—today, I can tell, it's going to be a lame practice—today maybe it would be really beneficial, I mean, you know, for my overall practice—to just sleep in... But somehow, my legs swung themselves out of bed, & the rest of me followed. And now I'm glad because I'm slightly less grumpy and floppy, and slightly less cold. And also because writing this post, which seems to have no point except to say that practice is good even if it's kinda crappy, prompted a google search for a clumsy looking seal, and brought up this image of an exceedingly graceful one (can you imagine doing Urdhva Mukha like this?):

Elephant Seal backbend, via Naturally Speaking


JCarr said...

No, I can't. But, it looks like fun if you are a seal!