Aug 22, 2012

Invisible Fruit

Yesterday morning, after practice, I had an amazing vision/revelation/sensation as I biked (boke?) away from the studio. Just an idea—an imagining—but at the same time, utterly convincing. There wasn't much to it: only the feeling that I'd somehow managed to pick a bunch of invisible fruit off a tree, handfuls of fruit I couldn't see or feel, but would be able to eat whenever I got hungry, for the rest of the day. Put it down as a waking dream (or, more likely, an endorphin rush), but it seemed to me we all had handfuls of this fruit—everyone who'd practiced that morning.

Ashtanga has its fair share of fanatics. It's easy to see why—though that sort of infatuation seems a dangerous distraction, a way to avoid the real work (and play) of the practice. Still, I do frequently find myself bowled over by the power of this system as worked out by K. Pattabhi Jois, curious about how it manages to give so much to its practitioners. Of course, it demands a lot, too, but yesterday, it seemed very clear that something was giving away bushels of secret sustenance.

On the other hand—yeah—who knows—maybe it really was the endorphins... On the other-other hand, maybe endorphins are what it's all about.


JCarr said...

I like endorphins, too. And fresh fruit!